The most popular president in Indian History is about to be dethroned in unseemly backroom horse trading.

We have console ourselves by saying that politics is competitive by nature and what else can you expect from political parties who are only ruled by self-interest.

Whether it is presidential or capitalist ethics, the starting point is the recognition that both democratic politics and capitalism are based on competition and this is what keeps people honest in the long term. Both democracy and capitalism are decentralised system where no single person is in charge. Adam Smith wrote more than 250 years ago that when millions of self-interested individuals act in their own interest in the marketplace, an invisible hand promotes the common good of society. However institutions are not perfect and the UPA presidential candidate teach us that ethics matter profoundly in our democratic capitalist system.

As the saying goes “Khud hi kar buland itna ke khuda khud tujhse pooche..bata teri raza kya hai…” and in the case of APJ i guess thats what happened and he clearly stated that he wud stand only if “there’s certainty in his re-election”….when crores of citizens voted for him to be the president for the second time why dint Sonia Gandhi see that…this actually makes me think that is our Indian System really of Democratic nature?


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