Well I cant tell you how ecstatic I am after my very very first stint at the King of  pubs “Enigma” at THE J.W.MARIOTT…
On the 11th of July, 2008, it was a reunion for me Medha and Srishti after a long 5 years…Srishti one of my bestest friend had come from Delhi to be with her beau(Kunal) whose currently studying at the ICFAI , Mumbai..  Medha, Rohit and me waited for Srishti at the bandstand who was running late by 2 hours… she came in with Kunal, his sister(Kanika) and his brother-in-law(who have currently got married and were high on spirits(read passion))… we met did our muahs and hugs after meeting and headed straight to the sea side… we discussed our POA for the night.. we had just begun chatting and suddenly it started raining….by the time we reached for our cars we were totally drenched… after calling each other up while in the car we decided to head to Enigma(I overheard Medha telling someone that the entry pass for Enigma was Rs.2500, but since she’s a Jet Crew we got entry Free! Free! Free! Free!)

As planned we headed straight to the Mocha’s at Juhu Beach for some pet-puja…. All of us gathered around the table and started our baatcheet….. Srishti Medha and me laughed our lungs out remembering our childhood days….. The way Srishti used to dress up, Medha’s nonchalance’s , the way I used to bully everyone and all that…. It was a hell good time… after almost 2 hours of non- stop chit chatting we left for the Mariott…

I was impressed when we drove up to the podium of Mariott… what a beautiful hotel it is… but the crowd sucked bigtime(no pun intended!)… as we went to the entrance of Enigma the bouncers(saw them for the first time…they were more impressive than the guys around…believe me)…. Took us in and showed us the way…. We finally entered Enigma… the place was jam- packed… the central area was where the bar was… the bartenders were showing off their skills at making cocktails… at far one end was the DJ.. Supposedly some high profile DJ… but bet me on this, he was a far cry from the local DJ’s we get at our college fest…. The kinda remixes he was playing were awful… it seemed like he had been playing the same kind of stuff for whatever past time that the local crowd sang with it(not assuming coz I never heard those songs)…. The music sucked bigtime… the crowd around me was alarming…. The dresses I saw at Lokhandwala and Bandra(which I always thought were for some fancy dress)… were here at display at Enigma… size didn’t matter to these girls and most of them were scantily dressed…. Obviously they were with their bodyguards(read boyfriends)…. But that didn’t stop few uncle likes and foriegners from checking them out(mean it literally)…. At one wend I saw this Richie ladies group(I called them aunties club) were almost the centre of attention… they looked well bred and seemed

from good families….but god knows why I felt they were on some mission(like take one and get all of us free…I kno pathetic)… one of them was even approached by a foreigner and it seemed she turned him down…later god knows why she went searching for him couldn’t find him…poor soul…(me and my friends were tired so we were checking out all this)… finally the aunties club gave up and left….we were having a good time… with Kunal’s didi and jijaji all over each other ;)…. Meds and Rohit jiving the thing they do the best and Kunal, Srishti and me doin bhangada on the not-so-cool Punjabi remixes….

We were awating for the clock to tick 1 am as after 1am there were free shots for women… but these kanjoos people(read Mariott) had some other definition for shots…. After 1 am the bartenders got atop the serving table and danced the coyote style….. They spun around their bottles and grabbed girls and poured the contents directly in their throat… it tasted like orange juice but was quite strong… Srishti said it was Tequila… I quite didn’t like it so didn’t go for the second round… again after this we danced…. People by now had started moving out… what I couldn’t miss was few couples who were so much in love that they sung the love songs played by the DJ to their girls…touche..;)

All in all it was an amazing experience… the time which I spent with all of them was awesome…it was great bonding after a long time…. Also not to foregt the main reason why I went to the Mariott was to checkout the fleet of cars owned by the Bachchans… yes I saw the extraordinary Jaguar and Bentley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Verdict : excellent….go with a group of people to enjoy the max….just like the Queen(read me 😉


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  1. i’ll try 2 make a smaller comment on this….leave alone the starting part but the way u sort of explained bout enigma was really good…the bouncers,the babes,the despos,the music…i tried 2 figure all these scenes by cutting out a few from movies…like the scene of bartenders dancing from coyote ugly….u really have got some good talent for writing…keep doing it surely… just don’t stop

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