Everything around you looks so dreamy. The freshly washed earth and the glistening green leaves make you want to breeze through life. There’s something about the monsoons that makes you want to break the routine monotony and pull back, spend time with loved ones. Enjoy simple pleasures of life such as watch movie  at home, go out for a drive or even plain sit on your window sipping tea, having a chat and enjoy the pitter patter.
When it rains there’s a huge interplay of nature. You see the  marching clouds, the sea in its different moods, sometimes there are huge waves dashing on the shore, sometimes its calm against just simply welcoming the rains to fall on tenderly; the sky changing colors, the lightening, the thunder…all these create an atmosphere which don’t just bring out the romance but the romanticism in you.
The forces of nature that you see dancing to the tunes of rain drops, pose to be more intriguing than gaining knowledge about the economy, politics or technology. And it is then that you realize the petiteness before nature. When the sky comes pouring it is the nostalgic time for me. along with generating an urge for having pakodas the rains definitely take you on a poetic tour and bring forth the long lost memoirs. You start interpreting life on a whole. The days gone by start playing on your mind again. It brings everything on a hold and lets nature play its part. It definitely triggers your mind to get thinking being creative, being romantic.


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