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17th December 2008


A question was lingering in my head for quite some time… especially since I have been reading the news papers quite religiously these days(not that I don’t..)… Well it’s what will we remember 26/11 for?.. Well most would say the security lapse, intelligence lapse, the tooth-n-nail fight the security personnels gave to the terrorists, the innocent lives lost in the turmoil…we are saying these things now…..the price we paid for it is too high for us to forget it easily as we have forgotten earlier attacks… will we remember even the half of it after say five years? Just see what happened at the anniversary of the attack on the parliament… only 10 MP’s were present to pay their homage to the lives lost in the attack on what they say “symbol of democracy” in India…. Few of the kins of those who died have still not received their cheques… what a shame!!!! That’s how easy it is to forget!

A sense of anger raged through my veins as I watched on TV the murder of innocent people… I could only laugh at Pakistan for issuing such lame statements even when the world already knew that the ISI and the Jihadis are hand in glove…. I want to question Mr.Zardari and Mr.Gilani on how they would have reacted had it been on their soil? Well no need to ask we saw they did nothing when Benazir Bhutto died and the burning down of the Mariott… such a shame sir… it shows how inefficient your system is and how foolish you are even when the govt was providing strong proofs of the nationality of the terrorists… I really want to thank the Pakistani journalists who dug up the truth about kasab’s antecedents and carried it on Geo TV even as their political establishment was denying it…. The talks of a war with Pakistan were doing rounds but I feel its wont be one of the best decisions on a country like Pakistan whose economy is already on the teetering edge.. moreover get in a war with Pak will turn this sub continent into a theater of blood.. I feel its not about Indians and Pakistanis, Hindus and Muslims. Its about politics. Hate and terror grow in the cesspool of politics… as a citizen of this country and a true blue mumbaikar I’d like to remember 26/11 as the beginning of a new politics for india…. A politics not driven by lies and corruption….a politics that could help us build a strong, secure, brave nation unwavering before the scourge of terror!!!!



3rd December 2008


It’s my b’day…and as usual I received many wishes… one common thing everyone said was “its yo day”.. “it’s a special and a beautiful day for you”….and believe me I felt like crying every time anyone said so or messaged… how can it be beautiful when my city was crying on the loss of its own people and at the loss of its charisma… on my birthday every year I take out some time and visit the places who keep giving me solitude throughout the year… and the places are the Shiv Mandir at Navy Nagar, Colaba, the road adjoining the Radio Club and The Gateway and of course Marine Drive… I did go this year as well even though I had a paper to give next day.. I didn’t even meet my boss (siddhivinayak) on that day and I know he understands why L … these places are the most to me than any other spiritual or a religious place… I have been brought up in that area and know each and every galli.. When I walked down the streets I felt a strong connection… may be the roads became emotional this time around and needed my walk to understand them…I did for a few minutes…. I felt like crying aloud when I saw the dome of the Taj Mahal Palace… it was a symbol of pride, glory and victory…. I still shudder to think of what the guest, the staff and the security personnel might have had gone through in those hours of hell… I raised my head high to the dome to pay my respect to those who died bravely fighting the terrorists.. My birthday would have been incomplete without writing this blog…

2nd December 2008


Hey… I am back in Mumbai and believe me I couldn’t dare to go to CST station to board an andheri as it would have convenient considering the luggage I had… I decided to get down at dadar.. I was amazed at the number of security personnels at dadar station… I thought I might be frisked but no they didn’t ,even though I had a haversack and a travel bag..

May be I didn’t do any suspicious activity so the need to frisk me didn’t arise but the point I am trying to make is have we got back to the chalta hai attitude of the city? If the answer is yes then there’s a problem… continuous watching of TV during and after the terrorist attack I noticed few things… how secure are we from such attacks?… just by installing CCTV’s and metal detectors we think we can catch them? If you noticed, the terrorist started firing before entering the station that is they hardly had crossed the metal detectors… so no question of detecting them, they showed us the possibility of an attack in this manner… the footage I saw showed police, ones who are supposed to protect us, running away after the first round of gun shots… why wasn’t any able to take the guard position?

Had police personnel fired at even at the bag it would have had exploded with the terrorist leaving no room for such massive massacre of innocent lives… I now really doubt about the quality procedures the Mumbai Police follows while recruiting… every year we see young men from far off villages naked being physically tested at the Grant Medical Grounds at Marine Lines… what for? To give us policemen like the ones who did not act and kept hiding near poles doing nothing and watching people being killed? Only one unarmed man Zullu Yadav(mind you Raj Thakrey a Bihari) engaged the terrorist attention… the announcer at the station was a man who asked people to immediately rush out of the station which prevented from more damage… hats off to these guys… and here we are forwarding mails, sms and giving speeches… but what can we actually do is the prime question… and believe me inaction after such a turmoil is the biggest disaster… like the one we saw unfold when both the Chief Minister and his Deputy counterpart resigned and left the state, the city hanging in mid way…

 I felt so ashamed of myself for not having the power to vote… for not doing my bit… but I am not going to sit idle and do the same mistake of forwarding mails and smses… I will give a direction to this angst with my full support and co-operation to the initiative by a daily in Mumbai… I can’t see my city which gives me ultimate joy even if I just walk on its street, cry… yes it does… it tells me to do something for her… so save from the ugly bloodspots on her…


27th November 2008



Huh… what has happened to my beloved south Mumbai…I haven’t slept since last night and I am continuously scanning through all the news channels about the terror attacks… it was heartening to know about the deaths at the CST station, Café Leopold, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Oberoi and Trident hotel and a place not sure of near colaba market… as I am writing this blog I can hear the gun firing at the Taj and it just shakes me up… I’ll get back in a while…