17th December 2008


A question was lingering in my head for quite some time… especially since I have been reading the news papers quite religiously these days(not that I don’t..)… Well it’s what will we remember 26/11 for?.. Well most would say the security lapse, intelligence lapse, the tooth-n-nail fight the security personnels gave to the terrorists, the innocent lives lost in the turmoil…we are saying these things now…..the price we paid for it is too high for us to forget it easily as we have forgotten earlier attacks… will we remember even the half of it after say five years? Just see what happened at the anniversary of the attack on the parliament… only 10 MP’s were present to pay their homage to the lives lost in the attack on what they say “symbol of democracy” in India…. Few of the kins of those who died have still not received their cheques… what a shame!!!! That’s how easy it is to forget!

A sense of anger raged through my veins as I watched on TV the murder of innocent people… I could only laugh at Pakistan for issuing such lame statements even when the world already knew that the ISI and the Jihadis are hand in glove…. I want to question Mr.Zardari and Mr.Gilani on how they would have reacted had it been on their soil? Well no need to ask we saw they did nothing when Benazir Bhutto died and the burning down of the Mariott… such a shame sir… it shows how inefficient your system is and how foolish you are even when the govt was providing strong proofs of the nationality of the terrorists… I really want to thank the Pakistani journalists who dug up the truth about kasab’s antecedents and carried it on Geo TV even as their political establishment was denying it…. The talks of a war with Pakistan were doing rounds but I feel its wont be one of the best decisions on a country like Pakistan whose economy is already on the teetering edge.. moreover get in a war with Pak will turn this sub continent into a theater of blood.. I feel its not about Indians and Pakistanis, Hindus and Muslims. Its about politics. Hate and terror grow in the cesspool of politics… as a citizen of this country and a true blue mumbaikar I’d like to remember 26/11 as the beginning of a new politics for india…. A politics not driven by lies and corruption….a politics that could help us build a strong, secure, brave nation unwavering before the scourge of terror!!!!



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