24th November 2008



Wow.. It feels so good to get back to writing again.. And it’s a relief that its not a sci-fi journal or my submission files… hey page how u doing… sorry this time around I won’t kill you by making tables and adding charts and diagrams to you.. It’s strictly writing here… well so let’s start with what I am doing currently.. Well a lot many things… just returned in the morning from Yogesh’s wedding..it was nice n a simple affair n full of meeting up with relatives… met my aatya and I must say the way she has maintained herself till today is something to learn from… she’s so beautiful and the innocence of her inner self is reflected on her face.. It’s hard to believe that she has grandkids… anyways moving on to the attire I wore well it was a saree and mind you not a traditional but a Satya Paul creation for which I paid a hefty amount from my savings ;(…but it paid off as I looked my ravishing best J J J ..I still can’t stop blushing when I think of the compliments I received on that day…J J J … moving on to dad, he was ultimate best n wore a pheta (Marathi style turban), I bet he would have had very well given the present day models a run for their money ;);)… I enjoyed the wedding thoroughly…


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