25th November 2008


Wow again… it feels blissfully beautiful in Devlali… it’s turning out to be the place of my dreams.. I know I am kind of ditching Mumbai but believe me this place is a slice of heaven on earth.. If my friends remember the viva song I used o sing “jahan ho pyar ka mausam”..well his place reflects exactly that…It so nice and refreshingly different here… I am supposed to study for my Indian air force paper but not doing anything like cooking or cleaning of the house makes me feel lazy and mom is taking the uttermost advantage of making the bestest of best food for me and also expecting the same in return.. Well we enjoy complimenting each other on the food we make and variations we could try some other time… I was going through this particular magazine called competition success and I noticed that most of the north Indians and especially the delhiites were more inclined towards govt jobs… I too had the same inclination few years back till the foreign inevestment n global networking of MNC hit our shores… considering the recession I wouldn’t mind to try my hand at them as well..



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