3rd December 2008


It’s my b’day…and as usual I received many wishes… one common thing everyone said was “its yo day”.. “it’s a special and a beautiful day for you”….and believe me I felt like crying every time anyone said so or messaged… how can it be beautiful when my city was crying on the loss of its own people and at the loss of its charisma… on my birthday every year I take out some time and visit the places who keep giving me solitude throughout the year… and the places are the Shiv Mandir at Navy Nagar, Colaba, the road adjoining the Radio Club and The Gateway and of course Marine Drive… I did go this year as well even though I had a paper to give next day.. I didn’t even meet my boss (siddhivinayak) on that day and I know he understands why L … these places are the most to me than any other spiritual or a religious place… I have been brought up in that area and know each and every galli.. When I walked down the streets I felt a strong connection… may be the roads became emotional this time around and needed my walk to understand them…I did for a few minutes…. I felt like crying aloud when I saw the dome of the Taj Mahal Palace… it was a symbol of pride, glory and victory…. I still shudder to think of what the guest, the staff and the security personnel might have had gone through in those hours of hell… I raised my head high to the dome to pay my respect to those who died bravely fighting the terrorists.. My birthday would have been incomplete without writing this blog…

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