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sister!!omg the most hard to understand characters ever made by god..wel i have one..little devil for a sister..wel this wasnt the scene when mum n dad first gv me her on my lap..i was so happy to have a real doll of mine to play wid..i wud proudly show all my frnds tht i have a sister whom i can dress up n put the lil bindis on..comb her hair n also get to eat her share of cerelac n farex if she din wanted to.. :) ws really sweet when she started talkin n walkin..coz as my parents say the first word she ever said was ‘di’ n yes til date she haunts me wid her ‘dis’.. she’s a character in herself..i call her ‘pillu’ which she finds really outta world.. 😦 ..we share a love-hate relationship..ull undstan as u read along the lines.. well she’s jus 3 years younger to me bt is a amma of all of us(including parents).. she’s like the most pampered kid in the whole of our family as she’s the youngest..most of the stuff tht ppl get from abroad is for her(obv coz she is a size zero as well 😦 )

we can never teach her anything(yes we r devoid of that rite)..its rather the other way round..every mistake of mine is unforgiveable n the comments that i get from her have smtimes made me wonder ws she my ma-in-law in my previous birth.. she has the advantage of not to do a single chore in the house.. dad’s always ready to replace her whenever its her turn  her fon beeps to save her from the grievous work we make her do.. 😦 ..follower of gandhijis satyagrah movement.. she’l always find ways to stand for the truth bt the truth suddenly diminishes when it cms to her(thts my observation u c)..

she accuses me of buttering dad bt again its jus a baseless accusation.. she’s fiery n cant ever stand me purchasing smthng..she’s lk the family accountant..keepin tabs of all the purchases done(read by me)..n use it to advantage herself..acc to her the money i spend to buy jus one dress can actually buy her 10 i kinda buy only once a year n she galores year long..she says i bully her when dad’s not around bt u shud c her wardrobe n book case..ultimate mess..

her idea of work is keepin her shoes on the rack, eating n keepin her plate in the basin, pickin up her handerchief,makin tea n lots other imp stuff which drains out the energy in her..i can undstan poor wonder i am piling on n she’s reducing..

bt she’s a dahling when it cms to shoppin…man even i dinno that fake stuff ever existed.. 😦 .. she’s my style guru dese days bt the deals she makes smtms makes me abuse her..yea we do that..a lot u’s the refree..n he poor guy finally calls up mum n asks her to solve on his part..heheh…the usual screams at house u can hear are ‘get lost’,’first u never i’,’u dun teach me’,’i wont let u use fon/net’,’dare u touch my stuff’,’how dare u?’,’wats wrong wid u’,’for heavens sake dun lie’,’yedi/makad/dhakkan/chor(courtesy my sis)/thickhead/airhead/loser/bimbo..n many more

of all this..i never realised how she’s suddenly grown up..there were times when we used to a share cell we got one for each n i cant even peep if she’s typin smthng..the ‘i hate boys’ has changed to ‘oh he’s so cute n hot’..i have to confess tht its tuff being the elder sis..hear it all n stil dun say a thing coz u r not supposed to/privacy matters n al tht shit..the stoooopid talks hv shifted to much meaningful ones..its nice bt i really wanna go bak to the time holding her on my lap…(she jus dsnt let me kiss o hug her 😦 )

me n kiddo

wedding season..


well the wedding season is soon to begin wid 2 of my friends n 1 family wedding to attend..wel to tell u the truth i never kinda liked weddings..esp in my growing up days when those aunts of  mine wud pull my leg saying u r next(that was a real GROSS feeling) once at a wedding my dad showed me the other side of it..he got me a cam n asked me to jus click random was only after the wedding i realised how much fun it is to sit down wid cuzs n discuss abt the pics..its amazing..i kind of started liking weddings..n the random pics translated into better clicks every next times..the haldi ceremony which is lk haldi holi at our side 😉 is smthng i look fwd to..its so much fun..the bangles they ask u(girls) to wear, to be the auspicious guiding light for the dulhan(bride sounds too borring)..then the hugs n muahs of all ur long lost aunts n uncles who bring wid them the biggest n the bestest sweets in the town(yes m the one who’s always given the naivadya ;))..then the mehendi ceremony(ofcos i dun lk mehendi bt its nice feedin helping ‘asahaay’ mehendi laden women)..the sangeet is smthng i introduced in my family considering the huge fan i am of naach gana..we jus try to hv loads of fun dancing on the most funniest pakau marathi songs n pulling all the men in the family to dance on ‘dhaga la lagli” n “ithun dhakka tithun dhakka”..its a sight u nvr wanna miss in life(my cuz missed his flight jus to watch men in action u c ;))…then the early morning wedding..the dressing up of the bride..the emotional face of hers while leavin her parents house..the nervousness on her face before the jai-mala,the sapt padi n saat pheras n the promises to be there for each other thru thick n thin..oh ders so much..

bt the best part..the grooms face..not ready to take on another life wid him..being the man of the girls dream..being there for her all along..tht makes the bestest click!!believe me..they mite smtimes be stubborn n reckless n dun-gv-a-damn types bt on wedding day they look lk the greek god of  love.. 😉 🙂

girls will always be girls!!


gosh!!i cant believe the 2 day holiday is already taking a toll on me..not coz i hv to mop around n do rest other stuff at home bt its my girl friends from college whom i am missing. miss the endless talks on things which really dun matter n stuff which would take ages for us to save n purchase.. yes m talking abt the ahem ahem stuff n the gucci bags i n priyanka just adore.. i really dinno that priyanka was all into that which my mom call ‘maddening n useless stuff’ for jlogirls..yes its JLO n ENRIQUE music, the JIMMY CHOO shoes n the GUCCI bags we gaze on all the time.. it was a surprise to know that she’s my twin soul types.. we just exclaim n scream on the same stuff in life..get hard remarks like incorrigible from mrs.easow for chatting non stop..freak..we hv almost the same opinions when it comes to opinions n we r as conservative as any other ‘gavthi’ maharashtrian girl would be..seriously bt our outer personality jus dsnt show it..sad.. :(… ok now enuf of priyanka puran o my mum wil soon start doubtin me.. 😉 .. next in the missin list cms ms.snehal pawar..typical naam bade aur darshan chote..i call her 2 by 2..she hardly minds bt throws tonnes of marathi bad words on others who dare to call her that way..she’s simple n supposedly our all-girls-groups love-guru..matlab woh alag baat hai ki she’l put u into two minds rather than solving urenrique prob..hehe..then cms ms.supriya patade..brains wid sushmita sen type limbs(read looooooooooooooooong)..she’s one hell of a creature..she’s quiet most of the times n is in her own world of cell fon n god knows who on the other line..she’s lk 1% of all the times sweet nahi toh aisi short tempered ke ull run for ur life…last bt not the least ..queen of hearts ms.panchali shivgunde..she’s the sweetest n the most loveable creature on earth..u can nvr dislike i smtimes cant stand her for her chaste marathi..i kinda faint when she does tht..she n i r always there for each other in easow ma’m’s pracs where she supports me when easow mam opens fire at me..n thts lk the sweetest part abt her..her taste in style n accessories is finaly improving..thanx to she’s got brains..n i salute her for taking the side of rite always(read me.. ;))..

guess when they say friend is a hand thats always holding urs..i kno wt they mean… 🙂 🙂jimmychoogucci