sister!!omg the most hard to understand characters ever made by god..wel i have one..little devil for a sister..wel this wasnt the scene when mum n dad first gv me her on my lap..i was so happy to have a real doll of mine to play wid..i wud proudly show all my frnds tht i have a sister whom i can dress up n put the lil bindis on..comb her hair n also get to eat her share of cerelac n farex if she din wanted to.. :) ws really sweet when she started talkin n walkin..coz as my parents say the first word she ever said was ‘di’ n yes til date she haunts me wid her ‘dis’.. she’s a character in herself..i call her ‘pillu’ which she finds really outta world.. 😦 ..we share a love-hate relationship..ull undstan as u read along the lines.. well she’s jus 3 years younger to me bt is a amma of all of us(including parents).. she’s like the most pampered kid in the whole of our family as she’s the youngest..most of the stuff tht ppl get from abroad is for her(obv coz she is a size zero as well 😦 )

we can never teach her anything(yes we r devoid of that rite)..its rather the other way round..every mistake of mine is unforgiveable n the comments that i get from her have smtimes made me wonder ws she my ma-in-law in my previous birth.. she has the advantage of not to do a single chore in the house.. dad’s always ready to replace her whenever its her turn  her fon beeps to save her from the grievous work we make her do.. 😦 ..follower of gandhijis satyagrah movement.. she’l always find ways to stand for the truth bt the truth suddenly diminishes when it cms to her(thts my observation u c)..

she accuses me of buttering dad bt again its jus a baseless accusation.. she’s fiery n cant ever stand me purchasing smthng..she’s lk the family accountant..keepin tabs of all the purchases done(read by me)..n use it to advantage herself..acc to her the money i spend to buy jus one dress can actually buy her 10 i kinda buy only once a year n she galores year long..she says i bully her when dad’s not around bt u shud c her wardrobe n book case..ultimate mess..

her idea of work is keepin her shoes on the rack, eating n keepin her plate in the basin, pickin up her handerchief,makin tea n lots other imp stuff which drains out the energy in her..i can undstan poor wonder i am piling on n she’s reducing..

bt she’s a dahling when it cms to shoppin…man even i dinno that fake stuff ever existed.. 😦 .. she’s my style guru dese days bt the deals she makes smtms makes me abuse her..yea we do that..a lot u’s the refree..n he poor guy finally calls up mum n asks her to solve on his part..heheh…the usual screams at house u can hear are ‘get lost’,’first u never i’,’u dun teach me’,’i wont let u use fon/net’,’dare u touch my stuff’,’how dare u?’,’wats wrong wid u’,’for heavens sake dun lie’,’yedi/makad/dhakkan/chor(courtesy my sis)/thickhead/airhead/loser/bimbo..n many more

of all this..i never realised how she’s suddenly grown up..there were times when we used to a share cell we got one for each n i cant even peep if she’s typin smthng..the ‘i hate boys’ has changed to ‘oh he’s so cute n hot’..i have to confess tht its tuff being the elder sis..hear it all n stil dun say a thing coz u r not supposed to/privacy matters n al tht shit..the stoooopid talks hv shifted to much meaningful ones..its nice bt i really wanna go bak to the time holding her on my lap…(she jus dsnt let me kiss o hug her 😦 )

me n kiddo

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  1. Its such a cute post yaar.. I have a younger sis too, so I can understand.. I think its this phase they go through.. After a certain point in time, we become their best friends.. 🙂

  2. i’ve got 2 give it 2 u ht,that this is one of the best from the rest that u have written….u’ve spoken bout ur sis in the best possible way & that too without hurting(much) ur sis…i try 2 understand but surely can not understand some of these things simply cause i have no sibling…cause that thing is now a distant thought for me now…let alone ur fights with ur sis…the way u have ended it must have rung huge bells in ur sis’s head….it will always remind her of how much ever u guys fight,the only thing u need from her is a good hug & a kiss…good one yaar

  3. Hey! This is such a heart touching post….reminds me what I and Ritu used to do, every thing is exactly same, even my parents were dragged by us for resolution:)…..Its a phase that passes by and then you don’t even get a chance to meet up for months all together….Awesome post!

    • heheh… m glad u liked it divya.. thank you so much for the encouraging words.. but i was wondering whats your reaction to the “walk to remember” post?!? take care n keep in touch 🙂

  4. This is a very sweet blog about sisterhood. Came across on recommendation of arati and found it very interesting. I have 3 sisters and we all share the bond that you have so perfectly described here. Keep writing, it was wonderful reading this

  5. Ms ammaji..get into the business of relationship-management..with so much of love and affection for others you must give it a serious consideration.. btw love to read what you write..

  6. mmmmmmmmmm wat 2 say……yes few points indeed are very true….but i have so many debating points on this post as well…….n plssssssssssss ur kisses and hugs are always accepted by me until it squeezes me completely:P:P
    n 1 more thing do listen to all my non sense o sensible toks,watevr i do….it wud definitely help you in your future sooner o later 😀

    love you always ♥ ♥

    ^^^^^Cheers to our sisterhood relationship ^^^^^

    • finally u get to land at my website.. m not going to listen to u n spoil our love-hate relation..

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