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Chyk chyk chyk..if u want it brighter smile a little longer…chyk chyk chyk 


cheeseDi  ssssss di ssssssss……..I was woken upto this chantings of di’s by my young sis. She woke me up to the reality. I was in deep sleep n obviously dreaming. I looked around n saw my luggage lying on the floor. I heaved a sigh of relief. I thanked god for turning whatever I saw into reality. It was the Chyk Camp, the most happening event of my life. Even though I had got back to my life everything I did, be it brushing, bathing,serving myself,talkin,listening jus everything reminded me of the camp. It was different, it  made a difference in me.

The clicking effect started rite after I got down from the bus wid Bugs at Belgaum. Wid Anky and Jeetu bhaiyya picking us up n meeting Shirish bhaiyya n Sanket for lunch. N then meeting the whole movers’ n shakers of the Chyk Camp. The way it was organized amidst rains is commendable. I was laughing my lungs out all the time. I dun remember a single moment gone by when I haven’t laughed. The bhajans session reminded me of my Balvihar day’s wid Motz (Vidya). {Confession- We actually used to bully kids then ;)} I was surprised that I knew most of the bhajans we sang at the camp. It was hilarious when uncle took over n we girls-side lost due to me L sorry girls… the next day began wid a bang…meditation early morning at 5.30. Never ever in my life I had got up at 4.30 am for meditation. Guruji’s voice was so serene. But I rem when he said dun let Ur body take control of u a bully mosquito had just hit me. L yoga sessions were good but the joke abt “hummm” stil lingers in my nilesh’s last day nap n not waking up for the entire suryanamaskar module makes me laugh like crazy.fundo group

Talking abt the group activities, I had gems in my group. Smita, Tarika, Kunal,  Sameer, Vishnu, Vishal, Akshay, Prashant, Kartik n I together were like house on fire. The silly jokes everyone cracked while preparing the skit were as hilarious as Jim Carrey’s. The team work we did was gr8. Together all the time. We were so busy in our skit preparation that we hardly bothered abt any1. We were so much engrossed in the practice that every1 believed that more than winning we just have to have good time. N we actually did. I can’t forget Kunal for his exceptional support n also Sameer for his silly jokes n the characterization he did for the Shiva act. All thanks to Smita n Tarika for making everyone look so beautiful on stage. Vishal n Vishnu had the sweetest smile in the group n their confidence level spoke on the dias. Prashant has to be given the credit for winning as the plot was his. N he was open for changes into it. Oh my group….. I miss them like crazy.

Rest of the time I was wid Bugs who was a complete revelation to me just like Anky. I was relieved after her msgs n call that she enjoyed as I had taken the responsibity to take her to a place completely alien to her. Bugs n me most of the time wud jus chat abt the lovely place it was n the joke that just happened(yea we had jokes happening around or in front of us). Bugs, I must call was a complete show stealer. Her dimples n smile was the talk of the camp. We wud talk even when the lights went off n there was just 2 hours for the wake up time. Quite silly though but we enjoyed every moment spent at the camp.

Like I said Anky was a revelation to me, I have a new name for him now, khadooschand. Khadoos toh he was no doubt but he was like chaand, who’s so lovely n bright. Anky n I have chatted for ages now but what I thot he wud be, he just turned out to be opposite.

Deepa was another soul so different. Her voice n smile stil fill my heart. Vidya was a shant bhoot dis time. Pulling my leg jus for a few times, thanx motz. 😉 her bhabhi, Pratibha I can’t believe was just like us, a chatterbox. Anyone cud easily connect wid her. Leena, Kallika, Samruddhi, Neha(cutest kid on the block) were sweethearts. Actually to put it best, good sleep companions, talkathlons n singers. Not to forget Shirish bhaiyya n Martin join the group. Martin’s entry on stage before his actual turn makes me roll on the ground n laugh. Also his silly acts which bugs told me abt r all hilarious.  Shirish bhaiyya’s Rakhi Sawant act was mind boggling. He had just no inhibitions abt anything. Whether it was his skimpy clothes act wid make-up on or  the one liners he used to throw. Wow wat a crowd it was!!! Seemed like all the best people of the world were put into one place.

I can’t thank Anky enough  for giving me a lifeline(he knew it seems how badly I needed it). My world is now a different story. I haven’t changed but probably the session’s n workshops n my team members have filled my life wid hope. It’s something I just can’t explain. My feelings give me a smile on my face. Looks like the ‘say cheese’ tagline’s actually working in my life at least.  My heart fills wid gratitude for aunty, uncle n all my new found friends who welcomed me wid open arms. The attitude people have in Mumbai is just so different than the ones in Belgaum. I felt like I have known all of them for ages now. The frankness , forthcoming nature n love in their hearts has moved me.all of us