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This might seem to be li’l awkward for those who don’t dream or for those who really have found their so called “Love of My Life”.. but for me its a dream which i can never forget.. especially coming on the night before the Valentine’s Day..sitting here on the couch with my best pal(read-laptop)..i thot of penning down this dream which m sure every girl must have had once who longs to be in the arms of the “Beloved”..

Like most of my dreams which usually has the GOD again i was talking to my boss(GOD)..the conversation was like this—-

It seemed as if i was out in the streets which were full of Valentine’s Day bouquets,gifts,giggles in the corners… I dialed in my boss and asked him nervously..”Again this year No one special; this is high time now..i should have one..considering the match making i have done for my best pals..isnt it time i get mine”.. GOD in a humourous mood asked me “What is it that you want..n tell me exactly the way you want”..i opened my heart to him 🙂 .. “GOD change me into the woman that my soulmate will think is the most beautiful, the most kind, the most affectionate and the most loving”.. GOD asked “Is it that you want, you sure you arent missing on anything more”..i replied “Yes, yes i am sure”.. GOD answered “Well go to sleep and rest easy, for when you wake up tomorrow morning you will have your wish.”

I was very excited..but eventually fell into a deep,deep sleep. When i got up the next morning, i remembered the promise GOD made to me. I sprang out of the bed and rushed to the mirror to see what i looked like. What i saw was a woman with no make-up and uncombed hair. I recognised myself. It was the same woman that greeted me at the mirror every morning.

i cried out loud to GOD.

GOD replied “Yes honey!”

An exasperated me said ” GOD u said while i slept you would change me into the woman of my soulmate’s dreams. I look exactly the same, i feel exactly the same”.

GOD said ” Honey, i did not say that i would change you into the woman of your soulmate’s dreams while you slept. I said when you awake you would have your wish. I didnt take interest in your wish just last night. I have been working on that since you were in your mother’s womb. I have been working on your wish for the last 24 years. I haven’t made you into the woman of your soulmate’s dreams. Honey, i have made you into a woman beyond his dreams..” 🙂

And then I woke up to the beautiful early morning chantings n prayers of my DAD..prolly alone..prolly not to the lovey-dovey-mushy messages,prolly not SPECIAL to someone. BUT definitely to the PA i love.. 🙂