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Fly..Fly..Fly..up above the mountain so high!!!!

Things happen much faster than you can ever imagine.. Well if you have seen Inception u mite feel otherwise but hell with it. I always knew that our mind had the power to control a lot of things happening around us or for that matter inside us. But the gut instinct in me asked me to try it out. Well yes, I do a lot of things based on my instinct ; a lot many times I fall flat on my face 😐 and others I jus fly out with colors. One of the things I can proudly talk about is my latest nerve wrecking experience of flying a glider. Oh yes.. I did that.. I had done previously with an air force group captain but this time around it was only me. Well I had to sign a paper which meant that ‘if’ something goes wrong no one would be held responsible. Reading this a lot of people backtracked and I, so confidently signed on and was the first to go on a solo flying experience.. Like always I never listen to instructions, never follow what others talk abt their experience, never look at people but yes I do feel jittery.  Jittery about the fact that I’ll have to run a lot get flying which I jus hate to do and which would determine how fast I fly. So I was all gearing up and then one look at the instructor was enough to kill my motivation. Man!!!! These air force men are soooooo attractive even in their late 30’s. I knew if I have to do this I’ll have to do it in my first attempt or this guy would feel that m some dum-Mumbai-well bred-bimbo. So anyways, jus when I was all set this guy comes up and checks all my security fixtures, gives me a look n says “Brave Woman!!” Now that was all I wanted to listen and fall off in his arms BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT mom was around watch me fly and I gathered myself for the flight!!! Sigh!!!!
The first roar came from mom ‘Go, live it’… and I went completely numb. The next thing I heard was a whistle and I ran like Prince William was standing at the end of the cliff.. N then it was like…whoa!!! My feet off the ground.. I had wings. Real wings and of my favorite color Red.. I din mind wearing an army gear instead of an AND Dress. nor did I mind those heavy shoes instead of a Nike.. What I did mind was what took me so long to experience this after so long.. Especially when I always wanted to fly. The beautiful city of Devlali was far off I was somewhere near South Devlali n trust me I wish I had my camera to click those beautiful landscapes.. It was as if I was in heaven. It was freezing cold but then who cares if u get to live the moment of a lifetime. It was so serene that even now if I close my eyes I can see exactly the same thing with the cows, the green fields, birds…wow…it was awesome, exhilarating and astonishing if I ever have to sum it up. I came back to the same place, wasn’t able to stand for 15minutes coz of the things that take place in your body due to flying but it was worth it. My mom was amazed.. But I am more amazed and thankful to God for such loving parents. Had they not put me into this I wouldn’t have known how beautiful life is. Its they who tell me, even after the stuff that happens in my life, there are still things which are worth living and far more beautiful to be explored!!! Thanks Ma n Pa for this 1!!!!