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Mumbai Yatayat…


I have been travelling a lot these days.. yes i have been.. in the local trains.. in ricks.. in buses.. that sums up the quintessential life i have been living off late.. anyways the point is I have been enjoying the ride more than anything else.. yes more than even the lectures at my MBA college.. know how!!!!

1. I get to dry my hair without using the dryer which had started ruining my hair. Sit in the rick for the medium dry hair look and then tie it up else for the totally rock-star look trains r the best. But then this works for my curls.. you can fuh-get it if you are used to blow drying.

2. I finish reading 2-3 books in just 3 days down..all thanx to the Andheri traffic and sometimes the ever so fast trains.

3. I get the latest on-going gossip and songs in the ladies dabba.. that saves the gruesome task of reading Mumbai Mirror and downloading not-so-happening songs from the net.

4. If you are an atheist.. try having a conversation with the woman next to you in the bus/train who’s reading a Hanuman Chalisa.. chances are you will start doing the “upwas” from the next day.

5. If you ever wanted to lose weight without the crash diet and sauna belts.. trains are for you!! Fuh-get about a seat , if you get to stand without being squeezed, “Hari-Vitthal”.

6. If you ever wanted to do charity, the ever so beggars and ahem-ahem will give you the reason to blow your money off.

7. If you ever wanted to shop and had no time on hand..all thanx to the college schedule, slow trains will faithfully grant your wish. From veggies to jhinkas (prawns), from cosmetics to trinkets, from ear buds to wallets, from handicrafts to clothes to rags .. everythings is available at ur service.

8. If you have too much money and time on hand (like my super rich friend) try calling Baba Bangali(rem the posters in train compartments).. chances are that an exceptionally seductive representative would entertain you till the crowd throws you out at your destination station.

9. If you ever had a mom like mine, who would call up for the last minute grocery and provision shopping get in a rick at Andheri at 7pm.. the snails pace at which the rick moves you can buy all this and make your mom feel proud of having a child like you. 🙂

10. If you ever wanted to feel the state of NIRVANA, stand next to 2 arguing ladies, with Avril Lavigne playing in your ears and the vibrating effect of the train. Chances are you might even attain MOKSHA under expert’s guidance  😛

Having said that, i never realised all this when i used to travel from Churchgate to Andheri.. but Andheri-Mumbai Central rocks!!!!

Here’s a small trivia for all of you who love travelling by Local Trains.. guess the stations (WR-CR-Harbour Line)-

1. Fair village

2. Raja ka chakkar

3. Place in darkness

4. Education resides here

5. Your head is in curd

Aamchya sarkhe aamhich…


I am so sure that most of us maharashtrians have used this typical statement like we’ve just finished climbing Mount Everest and our joy knows no bound.. its sort of THE statement if you know how it makes you feel when you say it.. for beginners(of marathi language) it means “No one like us”..

Well to write this blog the main motive were my cousins..who have ripped me off my credit balance of a whopping 5 grands.. 😦  For all those who think (or possibly made-to-believe by me) that i am chaste when it comes to English, Hindi and Marathi here’s a jolt.. i suck at marathi bigtime.. not that i don’t like the language but the multi-cultural environment i was brought up in(bharat hamara desh hai- hum sab bharatvasi bhai behen hai) had its impact.. I love arguing irrespective of the language i speak in.. rather i never care .. what  matters is the other person gets the point with a lot many puns(intended n unintended ones).. i never had discriminating people around me.. who told me that marathi is what you should speak in coz thats your mother tongue.. rather i had my mom and dad who encouraged me to speak with all my heart without worrying abt anything else..

I have been asked by my fav professors and lab attendants at Engg Coll to speak in marathi to get those brownie points.. so there i had an advantage.. i get an advantage when it comes to my name.. no one could ever categorise me religion-wise.. no one can ever categorise me on my looks.. n now the way i speak.. n i so love it.. but god help those lesser mortals(read my bigshot cousins) who penalize me for the silliest things.. i dont mind losing money but for God’s sake dont pull the beautiful language in the ugly battle.. the beauty of language is not in the way it is pronounced or the way it is sounded.. but its how it touches hearts.. if just one thing that u say can brighten someone’s day up nothing like it.. n yes it means saying a simple thank you to your “autowalla”, “postman”, “waiter”, “bus conductor” and all the ppl who run ur life(literally)..

I wish i was penalized for all this n did not receive a flak for my language.. but like to each his own.. i would “manao” myself by telling self for the N’th time “Aamchya Sarkhe Aamhich”… 🙂