Monthly Archives: January 2011

My day off….


The anticipation for the weekend starts as early as the previous sunday nite where  I crib, rave and rant and wonder HOW the weekend could have gone by so quickly. Sooooooooooo much was planned and nothing was achieved yet again. 😦 And the planning starts once again on Monday morning where I list the “things to do” on the weekend in my head. 🙂 And as the days go by, there is a lilt in my step and a smile on my face cos “im gonna be switched off”.

And then the the most longed for time arrives on Friday evening-yay.. finally after 5 days of nonsensical existence, it arrives like a breather. Theres so much to do, so much to accomplish writing, reading, TV, going for walks, shopping.. phew.. and just when you THINK you will do all these things-Laziness grips you and you want to get out of its clutches but its got such a strong hold that whatever you do u just cannot shake it off… damn!!! 😦

The evil lazy powers of the mind, the games it plays with you and before you know it its sunday nite once again..and you are looking forward to the next weekend 😐