Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

14th February..


If one is to trace back history (of what’s documented) behind the day “14th of February“, one would really find no evidence of Romanticism or Love between two intimate souls , however it’s always good to have so much of love & goodness going around the world on the same day, I guess it in a way would negate any dreaded feelings around us and give our destiny a stop to breathe, if you are to believe in it of course…

I for once never really believed in celebrating such days, but come to think, when was the last time you told your loved ones, people you like, those close to you, those who care about you, “hey, you make a difference to my life, and thanks for being there !“.

In today’s fast paced life, you’d rather bother about being in time for that meeting & skip the breakfast, skip a “Hug”, a “smile”.

If you are one of those who do, here’s your chance, tell them you are thankful, tell them you like them, tell them they make a difference, make them feel they are important…how long will you console your conscience with “They do know I love them, that I care, and that I realize…” they are humans after all, and communication is how we share.

To all those I know have made a difference in my life, the new , the old, the lost & gone. Here’s my note:

“Thank you !”