A to S of Mercedes…


Recently while I was doing a search for my dream car I stumbled upon this website http://www.a-to-s.co.uk/home.php .

Mercedes has  launched this emotional website to deliver a strong brand message. The site is called from A to S and features several information through attractive Flash animations. It is definitely worth a visit.

Actually, the site isn’t about a specific product but just about the brand and the quality of its cars. To me, as a consumer who is actually interested in buying an A-class the site isn’t triggering enough to come back for a second visit just to see what’s new. Too bad.

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  1. NEVA..mark my words..neva a merc fan..i jus stumbled upon it.. and LAMBO’s the love of my life.. 🙂 ❤

  2. that was a gud site..bt wat i ws wondering ws did U take the effort to even look at something called Merc?I mean Buggati m Lambo will die in shame.. 😛 u n ur obsessiveness for super-cars..wish u tonnes so that u own one someday..:)

  3. hahaha..they are the love of my life dude!!they wont die in shame as they know m a totally dedicated to them.. 😀

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