Here’s what happens when your parents let you join a Book Club at the age 12. 😐

Stranger at the Club: What are you reading?
Child Heena: Gone with the Wind. Have you read this?
Stranger at the Club: What?!
Child Heena: I don’ understand all of it but I think it’s good. The drama is really out of this world. I think I’m addicted to it. In fact, I’m going to watch the movie.
Stranger at the Club: Stop it immediately or else you’ll lose your childish innocence soon!
Child Heena: 😦 When I grow up, nobody’s going to tell me what I can read and what I cannot.


Teacher: What are you reading?
Child Heena: The Giant Book of Murder. It’s superb.
Teacher: What?!
Child Heena: See, it has sections for axe murderers, serial killers and prisoners. I am totally loving it for the information that I will introduce into my English school essays to blow out my competition!!
Teacher: Stop it now! Or you will grow up into a psychopath.
Child Heena: *groans* When I grow up, nobody will tell me what I can read.
Preeti: What are you reading?
Teen Heena: The Wheel of Time. It is super splendid!
Preeti: What?!
Teen Heena: Yeah, I’m really “into” fantasy fiction! It’s like science fiction but better! There are parallel universes and alternate realities and magic and strange creatures and ..
Preeti: Stop!
Teen Heena: Why?
Preeti: It sounds stupid and I’ve never read any. Here, read Mills and Boonlike everybody else.
Teen Heena: 😦 When I grow up, nobody’s going to tell me what I can read and what I cannot.
Lynnet: What are you reading?
Present Day Heena: Young Adult fiction. It’s awesome.
Lynnet: What?!
Present Day Heena: I was too busy reading regular adult stuff when I was a kid but now I find that there’s a lot of Young Adult fiction that is really good. So now I’m catching up with it.
Lynnet: Thats awful, have some shame. You’re reading stuff meant for children.
Present Day Heena: 😦 When I grow up…

Am I suppose to feel inferior about it? Or should I cover  The Hunger Games with a newspaper the way some women who read sexy romances on the train do? What about graphic novels? Are those ubercool? Or is everybody nosing at me for choosing to read a comic like a little baby?

If only I read much less and monitored the reactions of random strangers to my choice of reading more, I bet I’d have the answers to all those questions.



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  1. ROFL. that was so you heena.always read the wrong books 😛 anyways m laughing my lungs out(just like you). young adult fiction,lol.and you read gone with the wind at age 12?wow,quite an kiddin!!books are our life,and you literally breathe it absolutely 🙂

    • thanx lynn for that astonishingly sarcastic comment.. atleast i did read sm variety and not just stick to the ahem ahem books of urs.. 😛 and yes i read it at age 12, woh kya hai na i had lot of time to be filled in with, unlike urs 😛

      • oh i do undstan the pain of not having one 😛 do you remember the shootout scene we enacted on smi’s terrace? you wr such a funny cop with smi’s hair-dryer as your weapon of mass can give chandramukhi chautala a run for her money 😛

  2. I happened to cm across this post on wordpress site and found it to be very well written. I must say you have a natural way of writing life’s experiences. Had a good time reading.

  3. Did you actually read “gone with the wind” at age 12? unbelievable!!! but kudos to you for the passion you share for YAF.. way to go girl.. i’ll drop in a few books at your home which are worth a read. and do’t listen to lynn. she yaps remember!!! 😛

    • YES!!! I DID!! whats wid u all?!?!it almost feels as if i tried planchet at that age.. man!! chill!! u can surely drop in the books n cn cm up for a game of scrabble. 🙂

      • Scrabble!! girl!! UNO is the thing!! n u always suck at it.. nice watching you at the other end of losin…booohooo!!!! 😉

  4. 😦 i kno i suck at it pretty well.. n its fun losing once in a while… tu bhi koi shehensha nahi hai CAT n Scrabble mein.. bada aya!!! boooooooooooo 😛

  5. I can vouch that you have read all the right books. It was always fun to get updates with you on books. I rem how you would buy books with the money I gave you on Rakhi. One of the best best uses of my money better done by any1.

    • hmmm.. see i always told u, increase my rakhi ka money.. i would have read many more by then n wud hv shared them wid u too..

  6. Well, or may be next time someone asks you to read something else or asks what you are reading: You can just smile and tell them, you are reading something that they would probably not even think of reading at this age cause they probably wont understand them….You are age-reading, tell’em! 😉 Nice one.

  7. Heena did you really read Gone with the wind at age 12? are you serious? Amar stocked it then? I remember after every dance class you would head to Amar ki dukaan and never have a place on your carrier for anyone other than your books. Gross is what i would think but now looking at what you’ve made of yourself i should have followed the suit too. Suggest me some books too.

    • yupp yupp..i hidin anymore..he had amazing books..i would pick up by the names of the book irrespective of the writer..tho MnBs wr my fav.. 😉 i will text ya abt the books..every1 thot bak then i was becomin an introvert, mom also used to hide my books so that i wud go n now she’s happy..coz this serves me matter for my gab 😉

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