When I was a little kid all I read was Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews. My school’s library would overflow with them. Whenever I would get angry at my parents I would sit in my room and think about ways to make them feel sorry for whatever crime they had just committed. It was stuff like going on a hunger strike or crying till my eyes had swollen or refusing to come out of the room.

 None of these plans came to fruition ever 😦 , because I love myself way too much. Also, I can’t cry for that long. I love to eat, especially when my mother is cooking. And she would make sure she made her-bests whenever I was angry so that I could never say a NO. 🙂

So then I would plan on running away. I was never sure where I would go, to the neighbor’s house?!?! Well they had good chocolates. To my BFF’s house?!?! It would be the world’s longest slumber because the kids in Enid Blyton’s novels were planning to join a circus and while I liked animals then, I was told by Tahir that all opening jobs in the circus involved cleaning the **** and there was no way I was going to do that. 😦 

So one day my parents finally went too far, I don’t remember now what they actually did but they probably refused to buy me a fairy frock or something equally heinous coz that’s what passes for mean and nasty around the Tonde household, and I decided it’s about time!!!

I took with me a torch for if it ever got dark, my sweatshirt, a book, saved pocket money of Rs. 20 and two bars of 5-star. I left one 5-star behind for my sister who had not done anything to piss me off in the last 3 days and thus deserved it. By the way I am a very generous person. 🙂

Thus burdened, I made it all the way across Sunita Market, within the sight of the main gates of Navy Nagar. I realized the only thing I was supposed to do was walk, but how long?!?!?

Reading so much of English Novels, the thing that came to my mind then was, every important scene in Pride and Prejudice involved Elizabeth and Darcy walking in some way, she finds out about his treachery while walking in the woods and returns home to tell him to go away, then they meet again while she’s walking around his estate, and finally the confession of their feelings for each other happens when they’re on a walk. Together!!!

That’s just an example from the great works of romance 🙂 think of anybody else you like, from Tolkien to Shakespeare to J.K.Rowling. Englishmen and Englishwomen novelists will eventually arrive at a point in the story when nothing will do for them but to take a walk. Think over it!!

 As for little Indian me, I made my way over to my favorite BPT gardens in one of the inner blocks of Colaba and settled myself with my book, ate my chocolates and went back home to be greeted with good-natured scolding and cries of relief.

Win… 🙂

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!!!! 😉

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  1. LOL.. i always told you.. you are a typical DRAMAQUEEN!!! but its so cute.. connect totally with it. being fed up of the everyday scoldings,i would leave my house and sit in the garden. you wrote it beautifully. and oh-yeah i saw the romanticist you surface again with PnP.. lord save you and your Jane Austen obsession.

    • heheheheheh… i know..silly us..did stuff which now feels lk so much of drama.. i wish Jane Austen ws born in OUR TIMES..her books still hold so much of relevance..i guess men dun change much!!all the same.. bt Darcy was atleast cute ❤

  2. Feels good to see your post in my inbox. Tujhi mummy kay avadine tujhe ani sweety che balpanache karasthane sangte. Khoopach chaan.

    • hey jeej.. thank you.. apane kasht liya comment karne ka 🙂 m glad u liked it.. n mom has this “pitara” of sorts of all our childhood kahaniyaan.. majja yete ata aikun kay kay karaycho te.. all thanx to her n dad for all the support they gave us 🙂

  3. heeeeeeeeeeena.. You miss Darcy a lot don’t you? rememeber i used to tell you not to talk much about that character as sometimes thats just what you might end up meeting! talk of a knight in shining armour girl, thats what you need. Darcy these days are not the characters that would undergo a change of heart esp when you are in disguise. girl!!come out of closet, enough of you doing the good-girl-stuff….its the bad girl who gets all the attention.. ask sam!!!

    • hey sean.. i dun miss darcy…its jus that nothing so far i hv read has cm close to that character so beautifully written by the esteemed Jane Austen.. n i really dunno what i mite end up living with bt for sure it wil be all worth the wait 🙂 n u kno sean how much a H-A-T-E attention!!!

      • I know you and sam are totally up for Jane!! worst-creature ever to hate attention. But BEWARE!! there might be some attention that may turn out good for you!! rest I and sam lay the case in your court angel!! 🙂

  4. tu nahi sudharegi na.. i always wondered if such girls ever existed..proud to have my best friend as one. Just a suggestion- dont be so nice to people who dont much bother about you, dont throw that famous ever smile of yours at people who dont even deserve it and most of all even if someday we forget to smile you please for christ’s sake don’t ever stop smiling!! we’ve always liked to see you like that and wish it stays put up like that. you dont even know your worth my sis, whch in a way is good as well as bad!!! take care.. 🙂

  5. As a kid you have had one of the best childhood time among all of us. I really woud like to see you reach the place you deserve. High time now, buckle up and GO for the kill. Lots of wishes from me and your Bhabi.

  6. Funny, well-written, honest. God, I’ve missed reading your posts. I would love to see more of these reminiscences.

  7. That was hilarious and reminded me abt my childhood days too.. you are talented.(accept it) hardly ever came acrosswho writes heartfelt. leaves me with a lot of memeory..

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