Do you “really” know your friends?!?!?


Alrite!! this is not be taken seriously. Not that I am about to give you a serious gyan over the topic but its about Facebook’s application called “Do you really know your friends?”. It was not long back that I had read about Microsoft teeming up with FB to give oxygen to its long forgotten n on artificial respiration “Messenger” service.

Microsoft is trying to keep Messenger alive by connecting it to Facebook (basically now you can chat with your Facebook friends directly through Messenger). To get the message out in Sweden JMW Kommunikation came up with a pretty good idea: a Who is Who game that challenges people to find out whether or not they really know all their Facebook friends.

The advergame randomly selects ten profile pictures from all your Facebook friends. Your task is to write the correct first name to each picture, while under time pressure.

Give it a try. It is actually pretty cool, and you might really find out you are “friend” with people you can’t recognize/remember. I got a pretty okay “8 out 10 friends” right. But I must admit several of them did not have a portrait photo as profile picture.

To be honest I see it a great tool to start cleaning your Facebook friends list 😉 rather than to start using MSN Messenger.. So thumbs up!! It’s a useful advergame!!!

try the application on–>

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