I have been fascinated with the world of Tennis since the time I laid my eyes on the thing called “Marat Safin”. I remember giving a detailed analysis of his backhand to one of my cousin who had completely written him off in one of his blogs. And since then I have only been following the game wholeheartedly.

With Wimbledon on, and looking at all my favourite seeds lined up for a good show I decided to watch a few games of Steffina Graf, Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg and hence I stumbled upon a video shot by Sony for Wimbledon this year. Trust Sony when they make an ugly pair of 3D glasses look ultra-mod and wanna-haves. I loved the way they picturised this whole Wimbledon town. Simply understated ad but worth a watch!!

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  1. I have been to the Wimbledon a couple of times and its one the most beautiful towns. Must visit places when in UK. As far as Marat Safin is concerned I doubt if he stil adorns your wardrobe. 😛

    • lucky u re.. UK is on our hitlist bas mba ho jaye.. n marat safin is still there where he should be.. in my heart ❤ 🙂

  2. Marat Safin still adorns your wardrobe door! Wow! I guess the idea of Sports Persons as models for my clothing line as suggested by you would sell like hot cakes. So lets get on with the deal. 😉

    • c i toldya.. marat is THE-THING.. by the way..even kunal wud do..with those super-spiky hairstyle.. think over it!!! 🙂

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