ZODIAC GRILL ROCKS!! 24th August, 2010


This was the most exquisite meal I’ve ever had. Rather I should say the Best Rakshabandhan surprise by a foodie brother to a foodie sister. Ketan n I have been one-of-a-kind cousins. We never fought in our lives ever and whenever we meet we start exactly from where we left our conversation last time; the last time could vary from months to years to ages to eons 🙂 This was the Rakshabandhan after 3 years as he would be travelling in the parts of the country and I would send him a Rakhi which he would get it tied from someone else. But this year he specifically asked me to buy a new dress and sent his credit card over for my shopping. 🙂 Little did I know that we were heading towards Zodiac Grill 🙂

Right from the cutlery and the crockery, rugs, glassware, tableware, linen, etc etc etc to the staff (who will make you feel like royalty even if they can tell by a single look that you saved half a month’s salary to eat there – My cousin did) 🙂
Crowd was completely La-Di-Dah. The restaurant does not even keep its doors open to enhance the element of exclusivity.

All the seven courses were delicious- creamy Corn chowder, lightly seared salmon, juicy shrimp, chicken cooked to perfection, soft panna cotta and the perfect balance achieved in caramel ice-cream with hot chocolate cake. My personal favorite was the cheese soufflé. I’ve never had something that melts in your mouth the way this soufflé does. This experience shall surely linger in my memory for a long time.
Meals for 2 with a glass of wine typically costs 14k-15k. Throw in a 10% tip and you know exactly what you are staring at (or digesting, if that makes you feel better).

You dont dine at the Zodiac Grill – you experience it. Save it for one of the most special ocassions of your life when nothing lesser than a Zodiac Grill will do. You wont regret it…..

Thanx Bhai for the experience 🙂

P.S–> sorry for not putting up a pic here. my brother was all geared up but it didn’t look royal to ask them to click a pic as it wud have been way too L.S!!!


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