Audrey Hepburn’s Magic!!


In the year 1992, while I was still in my 2nd grade the Cable TV mania started. My dad a movie fanatic applied for it as soon as he saw the ads in the dailies. All thanks to my dad that I have little sense in watching movies and understand the thickest of English and American accent. Well the point is we used to watch mostly the black and white movies of the golden era. Now you know where that Knight-in-Shining-Armour wish of mine comes from 😉
I was a total Audrey Hepburn and Nancy Davis fan while on the other hand dad liked Paul Newman,Marlon Brando and others I don’t remember. Audrey Hepburn I remember holds some kind of record for acting in the most number of movies set in Paris.

A few favorites amongst some of her less-discussed movies:

1. Two for the Road

I’ll never forget the very first time I saw this movie thanks to that one scene in which Audrey and Albert Finney discuss the silence of married people at restaurants. It’s the kind of writing that comes back to you at unexpected moments the simple honesty of little things that you never quite analyze until someone points it out to you and then it remains bound to your memory of that person forever.
This is not the movie for you if you’re looking for the “classic” Audrey Hepburn experience with the wide eyes, the chic clothes and the ladylike language – you’d have to choose director Stanley Donen’s two other, more famous, collaborations with Audrey for that fix (Funny Face, Charade).
An examination of a couple’s marriage over a decade as they go on various road trips, I often wonder how it would have played if Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred in it… and I mean that as a compliment 😉

2. Love in the Afternoon

This movie was an eye-roller even when it came out, but if you have a thing for Autumn-Spring romances then this is absolutely charming. It’s not as sweet as Sabrina but Gary Cooper works much better than Humphrey Bogart.
And as hilarious as that whole “connoisseur of women” stuff sounds in the trailer, it’s even more funny in the movie as you watch Cooper drip charm in a tuxedo tailored for Cary Grant. But it kind of works too you buy him as the great big, rough American millionaire who likes his dames with exotic accents. There’s a certain hard-living hint of sleaze about him that’s very unusual for roles of this kind. And Audrey is, of course, utterly delicious and extremely young.

3. How to steal a million

This was the movie that made me fall in love with Peter O’Toole despite my father’s best efforts to traumatize me as a child with repeated viewings of Lawrence of Arabia 😐
It’s really an amusing trifle but as a caper it hits just the right spot. O’Toole is adorable as the bemused would-be art thief shanghaied into helping a family of accomplished forgers thanks to the go-getter daughter of the house. It has the kind of 60s silliness that makes that whole era such fun be it the hi-tech gadgets or the yummy fashion and amazing cars. And smoking hot chemistry that doesn’t require anyone to get naked.
Well, maybe a little naked but it takes place discreetly offscreen 😉

It’s like chicken soup for my heart 🙂


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