Monthly Archives: April 2013




If you could my favorite love song

When you came that played along

As it all just slipped away

While we held on and on


Everything we need to hear

Find everyday someone new to speak to

And hope they’ll understand as you go on and on

Love never meant I get to keep you


With your quiet delicious laughter

And the magic that comes after

Have faith in me that I can manage

To be your slave, to be your master


Come closer 

Even though the music’s over

And there’s no more revelry

But all I wanted is your shoulder

Pressed hard against the heart of me


Along long empty and lonely streets

Selling myself to the old deceits

Like I will find love at last

And at last know what it’s like

To sleep

Without watching over my scattered thoughts

Give up their quiet deep

And come out almost like an angry meek

To stray