Monthly Archives: May 2018

Love like that….


You never demanded anything and it took me a while to get used to it,

To loving someone who never asked for more than how he felt,

It reflects on how we love that we’re conditioned to think it hurts,

And it does – of course it does.

But more than the times you’re hurt , you’re filled with a sense of awe,

For all the times that make you feel that your heart can’t contain the love you feel,

For all the times you lock your eyes with him and it feels that you two are alone.

For all the times your hand fins his and you never want to leave-

It took me a while to realise that this kind of love exist,

The kind that doesn’t demand that you give up loving yourself for you to love him ❣️

It is written!


Keep fighting or accept what’s destined?

Sometimes…no matter what we do, what we wish or seek or what we work hard towards…what happens is different. Maybe what is written. what is meant to be. what is destined.

So shouldn’t we then stop fighting, change our goals and adapt. Shouldn’t we just accept what that present is offering? And work with it.

We all experience things not going as per our plan. Not seeing results. Then wouldn’t it be wise to Pause. Pause, analyze and rework our goals. Because, sometimes when we stop fighting and accept what is meant to be, we get focus. We can then channelize our time and energy and work with what present is offering.

Adapting is better than giving up, feeling disheartened and losing hope.

So, I hope for all who are trying very hard but seeing no results.. to pause, to re-evaluate, to adapt and keep going.