In one of the jobs i ever took I was wrongly informed and hired. Since I don’t take lying so well i revolted. The end result was someone not liking it at the top level and hence making sure I don’t like it at my level too.

I was NOT qualified for this kind of job which I had to stick to, to pay for myself. Another superior here took a big leap of faith to hire me anyways.

I knew I was not qualified, and I acted as such. I avoided making mistakes at all costs, and tried to control everything because mistakes would be less likely.

One day My superior called me into his desk and said “Hey, I want you to make sizeable mistakes, as many times a week for a period of next month or so.”

I was shocked at first, and then liberated next.

My creativity, initiative, and energy were unleashed. My superior was brilliant, he knew that the fear of making mistakes was holding me back.

Stop punishing people for mistakes, celebrate the mistakes as learning experiences.

Agree ?

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