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Maze of Life by Bhavna Rohilla


A chirpy girl was walking in the MAZE OF LIFE.

She was delighted to meet a few people there which excited her, thinking who’s next.

After roaming a while she met a woman called failure, blocking her way. She became sad but then started again. After some time the situation repeated but she wasn’t the one to give up.

Trailing a little ahead she met a man called heartbreak blocking her, this hurted more than failure but she moved on & marked the path as lesson learned.

After a while of wandering she met two women, one named failure & other named empty pocket. She became gloomy with shattered life & broken dreams but she chose not to give up & learn the lesson.

Stepping slowly thinking who’s next & as she was thinking, she saw a man not to block her way but to give a clue to a right path, he was wisdom. Her eyes sparkled with a ray of hope.

Pacing positively, after a few paths she met a woman called success who gave a clue to complete the maze & then finally she traced the exit.

As she came out the maze’s creator asked, how did you complete while others are striving inside?

She smiled & said, “There is a price to be paid for everything”.