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Build me up..


Brick by brick, build me up boss.

Make me feel valued,

Make me win this toss.

Ask me what I think,

Let that warm feeling sink,

Catch me doing right,

I will know Iโ€™m alright.

When I mess up,

Which I sometimes will,

Sit me down and tell me how to do it better,

Build me up boss, I will be a trendsetter.

When the road is rough and things get tough,

I will hold your hand just as you held mine,

Build me up boss, I want to be ready for that time.

Donโ€™t cut me to size,

Donโ€™t make me feel small,

Donโ€™t attack my dignity,

For even the mighty fall.

Build me up boss, make me stand tall,

Teach me, challenge me, question me, show me,

Make me break that wall.

If only you knew,

My needs few,

To be nurtured, to be valued, to be respected, to be developed;

I would respect you, follow you and support you.

Build me up boss,

I am yours to mould,

That my boss built me and I built him back,

Is how our story will be told.