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Beloved Acharya Niwas Forever…..


Going to the same school as mum’s and living in the official accomodation for the teacher’s meant that we had to behave ourselves where ever we went. I mean literally watch out as to what we were doing in the complex, what music we listen to, what do we eat and all. The best thing was to say ‘namaste’ to anyone and everyone. That world had its own charm. Being brought up in a multi-cultural environment meant that all the festivals were ours. We got to celebrate Christmas and Eid with the same enthusiasm as Diwali.

Much before the so called ‘event-management’ courses started, we were given tasks to organize events at our beloved AN(allrite for starters its our haven Acharya Niwas). Dahi handi, Ganeshotsav, Holika, Holi-Sangeet, Diwali-Dhamaka, Haldi-kumkum, Sunder-kand,Baal-Vihar were the events we were so busy with that Holidays hardly mattered. We did everything from arranging for food to making posters to setting up the music to putting up the durries to cleaning up. Almost anything and everything.

At AN we were one BIG FAMILY.

I miss that family, and so does everyone else who’s been a part of AN. We’ve left it eons ago but it still feels like yesterday. I still want to go back to that place where i tumbled, fell for the ‘nth’ time, shouted and screamed when got out in 7 Tiles, hid myself in the corners behind the gol-tanki, played 4-Pillars in the basement till Swami uncle made us run, scratched n tore open the seats of scooters of uncles who would shout on us for making noise, aimed the rocket to ahem-ahems house to take revenge, rang the door bell and ran away, threw eggs with water balloons on Holi, danced non stop on Dandiya Night, ate those world-famous in navy nagar pandey ke garma-garam samose n jalebi, saw the whole world flooded from a haven on 7th floor, sat on the pani-ka-tanki on terrace when mum ws angry, saw the IFR for free from my own window, the beautiful princess street from the living room, well did almost everything that AN got on our shores.

I only wish that we get to relive it atleast for a day or atleast the future gennext who gets the privilege to live in at AN, values it as much as we do.

P.S- Sorry guys had no pic of AN, so m unable to put it up. These are few clicks clicked from B-71.

If  any of you has it, please mail me on gr8heena@gmail .com