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Is he the “Chosen One”?!?!?!?


Have you ever had strong feelings for someone but you are not too sure about him? You felt that he just may be the “ONE” however there may be some doubts lingering at the back of your mind. Or he may be pressing you to take the relationship to the next level and you want to know if this is the right decision. Or you may love him and want to marry him but feel scared about what would happen in the future.

Would your marriage/relationship become a booming success or would you get a broken heart </3 – shattered dreams?

Is he the one or must you search for another?

My gurlies have always been worried about this. So often that, we have discussed this at all the Slumber Parties. What has always worked on deciding if “HE” is the right man for you are  –

1.First think about what it would be like 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

Is he the one you would like to grow old with. The one who would hold your hand and sail you through all the tough times and the one who would sing to you on your 65th Birthday the evergreen famous song “oh! meri zohrajabi, tujhe maalum nahi… ” 🙂

2. Think about what type of husband he would make.

  • Is he a husband material?

If he’s the philander types or one-woman-man types. How much does he believe in the institution of marriage.

  • Would he be able to provide your emotional, physical and financial needs?

4. Is he the type of person you can weather the storms of life with?

This definitely means that do you believe if this person will stand for you and vice-versa.

5. What type of father would this person make? A hands-on one and the one who adores kids or the one you-take-care-of-this-wet-diaper-clad-thingie!! 😐

6. Can you see yourself waking up and living with this person every day?

Meet ups are the ones to give an idea of how we can look, but deep under the tonnes of attitude of a man lies a simple nervous specie who wants to be accepted just as HE is, no-Park Avenues, no- Van Heusens, no- Red Tapes and no- Tag Heurs too.

7. Can he bring you happiness –  not just immediate gratification but lasing happiness?

I know a record number of people who are married to the love-of-their-life and NOW know what happiness is. It can never be replaced with the thrills money can get, its the simple touch of the hands, looking deep into each others eyes and feeling complete, dropping in a mail or a call just to say a HI and raising those heartbeats and many such simple things. Keeping it really Simple is the key.

If you can answer yes to the questions above, well baby you have the right man for you.

What if you are sure about most of the questions but unsure about some of them? Then you need to ask yourself this powerful question – Is he willing to learn or grow in this area? Is he teachable!?!?!

Remember no man will be 100% and it takes Two to Tango, however if he and you have the right spirit,and willing to do what is necessary,it’ll make a brilliant relationship. 🙂

To Papa…with Love



Like all birthdays at home, this year as well i took money from my dad to buy a gift for his own bday.. 😦  n like always he gave me loads n asked me to buy something i would lk for myself n then get him the loveliest card he likes to c wid my hand written note. thats my papa!! my papa is a man of few words..my papa never invented a new element, never won a Pulitzer and never went to a Jail for a cause.. 😛 my papa is just lk me casual,funny and normal..lk most of us!!

When i ws in KG..i used to think my papa had given birth to me..till other enlightened minds at school helped me understand the nature’s law.. 😉 my papa used to dress me up tie a li’l pony whenevr i ws late for school o for a my dance classes o for play.. i got loads of gifts from him every bday but the bests wr my first watch n my sony walkman..he said he ws really proud of me..the % i had score then,the exceptional all rounder i ws at school n gold i received for my paintings..

I learnt to follow my dreams from him..when i flunked for the nTH time he asked me to get up n get going..never to QUIT..according to him if there’s no one to gratify me..he will..lk always..but i need to keep moving for that..he generally never tells anyone to do anything..he jus sets example for others to follow..my papa never told me to work harder, he never told me to set any future goal and work towards it or something similar straight out of a self-help book.. he is a simple man who started his life wid a diploma degree in printing,a young wife and big dreams..papa taught me that the only person I can depend on in this whole wide world is ‘Me’..

This year on his bday i didnt get him any gift, but i sat down and wondered about the gifts he’s given me all through my life…this bday was not about cakes n greeting cards…for the first time i understood that papa was growing old..but strangely m not sad, instead m happy coz m growing up too… m happy coz slowly i’l have to take his place in the family and one fine day i’l grow up to earn enough money to get my papa a nice gift and pay bills..m also happy coz i have dreams that r going to come true… and coz i can share responsibilities..m also happy coz my papa has raised me to be strong and independent.

papa,i love u..u r the STRONGEST person i have ever seen…u r the best PAPA in the entire world-this is what most kids say n most of them mean it..Thanks Papa for everything..for all the valuable lessons  u have taught me.. 🙂