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girls will always be girls!!


gosh!!i cant believe the 2 day holiday is already taking a toll on me..not coz i hv to mop around n do rest other stuff at home bt its my girl friends from college whom i am missing. miss the endless talks on things which really dun matter n stuff which would take ages for us to save n purchase.. yes m talking abt the ahem ahem stuff n the gucci bags i n priyanka just adore.. i really dinno that priyanka was all into that which my mom call ‘maddening n useless stuff’ for jlogirls..yes its JLO n ENRIQUE music, the JIMMY CHOO shoes n the GUCCI bags we gaze on all the time.. it was a surprise to know that she’s my twin soul types.. we just exclaim n scream on the same stuff in life..get hard remarks like incorrigible from mrs.easow for chatting non stop..freak..we hv almost the same opinions when it comes to opinions n we r as conservative as any other ‘gavthi’ maharashtrian girl would be..seriously bt our outer personality jus dsnt show it..sad.. :(… ok now enuf of priyanka puran o my mum wil soon start doubtin me.. 😉 .. next in the missin list cms ms.snehal pawar..typical naam bade aur darshan chote..i call her 2 by 2..she hardly minds bt throws tonnes of marathi bad words on others who dare to call her that way..she’s simple n supposedly our all-girls-groups love-guru..matlab woh alag baat hai ki she’l put u into two minds rather than solving urenrique prob..hehe..then cms ms.supriya patade..brains wid sushmita sen type limbs(read looooooooooooooooong)..she’s one hell of a creature..she’s quiet most of the times n is in her own world of cell fon n god knows who on the other line..she’s lk 1% of all the times sweet nahi toh aisi short tempered ke ull run for ur life…last bt not the least ..queen of hearts ms.panchali shivgunde..she’s the sweetest n the most loveable creature on earth..u can nvr dislike her..bt i smtimes cant stand her for her chaste marathi..i kinda faint when she does tht..she n i r always there for each other in easow ma’m’s pracs where she supports me when easow mam opens fire at me..n thts lk the sweetest part abt her..her taste in style n accessories is finaly improving..thanx to me..lol..bt she’s got brains..n i salute her for taking the side of rite always(read me.. ;))..

guess when they say friend is a hand thats always holding urs..i kno wt they mean… 🙂 🙂jimmychoogucci