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Build me up..


Brick by brick, build me up boss.

Make me feel valued,

Make me win this toss.

Ask me what I think,

Let that warm feeling sink,

Catch me doing right,

I will know I’m alright.

When I mess up,

Which I sometimes will,

Sit me down and tell me how to do it better,

Build me up boss, I will be a trendsetter.

When the road is rough and things get tough,

I will hold your hand just as you held mine,

Build me up boss, I want to be ready for that time.

Don’t cut me to size,

Don’t make me feel small,

Don’t attack my dignity,

For even the mighty fall.

Build me up boss, make me stand tall,

Teach me, challenge me, question me, show me,

Make me break that wall.

If only you knew,

My needs few,

To be nurtured, to be valued, to be respected, to be developed;

I would respect you, follow you and support you.

Build me up boss,

I am yours to mould,

That my boss built me and I built him back,

Is how our story will be told.



Alrite!! So its that time of the year when the best of your friends leave you and go for higher eds. And this time around its Imran who’ll be leaving to join the prestigious Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi. Boy!!! m gonna so miss you yaar. You are the only one who fills my life with chocolates, lunches/dinners, free rides, free gyan, free daant, free long walks err.. enough i guess!!

I undergo this tragic time every year and thank god rains come and wash away my tears. It started with Chichi leaving in 7th standard. But all thanx to her sarkari-phone (which we later found out it wasnt 😦 ) and loooooooong discriptive letters, I still feel her around me.

After her it was Meds, we weren’t even on talking terms when she left, the usual you-din-tell-me-story but I somehow managed to drop a parting gift in her bag, and after eons when she found out we were back on track 🙂 muah..love you for everything and for always BEING THERE..

After Engineering, it was Jags and Imran (yes he’s been away once and its then i realised how much i miss this thickheaded brother of mine). The first time when Jags told me I thought it would be all fine, but when she left i realised the void inside me. No more gup-shup, no more talking abt good looking boys, no more cruising through warden and peddar road on my jet. 😦

Imran was just-a-call-away-buddy, he would be right down my house if he ever heard me even sneeze (ok imi,dun drop ur jaw to the groud its only for the entertainment factor). He’s one guy who pulls me up so badly but then i realise its all worth it. One of the most good-looking guys on this beloved mother earth, I have enjoyed being envied by other girls whenever been out with him. Oh!! not to forget some of my own friends had a crush on him too 😉

Bugs left last year for MBA but she’s been a good girl and been in touch. Hated that moment of separation and distance when we had differences but the big hearted girl she is, she’s forgiven me and forgotten all that.. 🙂

PD had no time to inform us before she left and hence couldn’t meet. But I sometimes feel we are more closer now than what we were when she was in Mumbai. Her FB comments never make me miss her, I read it aloud jus the way she would have said it,  had she been around.. 😉 loudmouth..miss ya.. 😦

Akki was the next punter who’d left Mumbai. Tried to self-satiate that Vadodara was better than Mumbai bt now has finally given up. I really wish sometimes that we three never had to part ways for whatever reasons, I miss them like crazy. We were the bunch of thsoe engineering college teens who’d bunked coll for watching Will Smith movies, to eat that awesome Onion Rawa Sada Dosa, to get drenched in the first rains in Andheri, to watch first day first show of Munnabhai series, to oraganize events at college.. huh.. so much and many more censored stuff. Had it not been for you guys I would have spent my life living a Plain-Jane and not known what LIFE is all about..

Thank you for coming in my life and making me realise, its beautiful just as it. Thank you for coloring it rainbow and  BLACK (I heard it boys).. Thank you for just about everything 🙂

14th February..


If one is to trace back history (of what’s documented) behind the day “14th of February“, one would really find no evidence of Romanticism or Love between two intimate souls , however it’s always good to have so much of love & goodness going around the world on the same day, I guess it in a way would negate any dreaded feelings around us and give our destiny a stop to breathe, if you are to believe in it of course…

I for once never really believed in celebrating such days, but come to think, when was the last time you told your loved ones, people you like, those close to you, those who care about you, “hey, you make a difference to my life, and thanks for being there !“.

In today’s fast paced life, you’d rather bother about being in time for that meeting & skip the breakfast, skip a “Hug”, a “smile”.

If you are one of those who do, here’s your chance, tell them you are thankful, tell them you like them, tell them they make a difference, make them feel they are important…how long will you console your conscience with “They do know I love them, that I care, and that I realize…” they are humans after all, and communication is how we share.

To all those I know have made a difference in my life, the new , the old, the lost & gone. Here’s my note:

“Thank you !”